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I am a  Thai Massage therapist and yoga teacher living in the beautiful city of Brighton. Before beginning to practice Thai Massage I had been working the usual office life, but became dissatisfied with the sedentary lifestyle this entailed and started to look for ways to get away from the computer and out into the world of real things and real people.

In 2010 I discovered yoga and this changed my entire outlook on life. I began to practice regularly and saw the benefits this had to my physical body, but perhaps more importantly, to my energy and mental state. As I became more and more interested in yoga and the healīng arts I wanted to share all of the benefits I had gained with as many people as possible.


This led me to train in Thai Massage firstly with the Sussex Thai Massage school and Christine Townley in 2014.


Since 2018 I have been studying under the expert guidance of Natasha de Grunwald of the London Institute of Thai Massage. These studies have been an absolute game changer in how I perform my treatments. Grounded in Thai Medical Theory, Buddhism and ancient Thai healing techniques, my treatments now are focused, therapeutic and able to make genuine shifts in how my clients feel in their bodies.


My aim in all my massage and yoga teaching is to give people the opportunity to become aware of the incredible miracle of their own bodies, something that is easy to forget in our busy world. One of the best descriptions of Thai Massage I have heard is that it is the 'physical application of loving kindness' and this is the attitude I bring to all my treatments. My quest is to make people feel good in their own bodies so they are better equipped to deal with life and are ultimately more happy, healthy and peaceful human beings.

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